Students Motivated with Resolutions and Goal-Setting Writing Assignment

Fifth grade students are starting to work on a motivating New Year’s writing assignment this week.

The students will be setting goals and making resolutions for the New Year, and then they will write letters to themselves that will address their goals and resolutions, as well as how they hope to accomplish them.

In addition to writing to themselves, the students will also be writing their goal-setting and resolution letters to their parents, addressing an envelope and mailing the letter to their parents. It’s all part of the CCSS standards writing process.

Fifth grade teachers hope the writing assignment reinforces the Project Wisdom traits of honesty and integrity while it also encourages students to set realistic goals for themselves that they are able to accomplish during the New Year.  The goal-setting will help the students self-reflect as they as they continue to strive for academic and social achievement while being the best Champions they can be.