Students Kick off Second Semester with Interactive, Fun-Filled Champion Day

Teachers and staff welcomed preschool through eighth grade students back to school for the second semester with a school-wide interactive Champion Day.

The nearly 800 students spent Monday participating in team-building activities with their grade level, mixed grade levels and as an entire school.

Champion Day kicked off with a special morning flag assembly. During that time, teachers and staff discussed with students the reasons that we hold Champion Day. Aware of this day, students who were wearing their “I’m a Champion” bracelet came on stage to be recognized and discuss what the bracelet means to them. Students with a “swirl bracelet” were also called onto stage, and all attending the flag ceremony were reminded about how they can receive one of these unique bracelets.

Students participated in classroom and grade-level activities including Project Wisdom lessons, Champion character chain lessons and team-building games. Teachers also took the opportunity to review classroom and school expectations.

Middle school students kicked off their “House” sorting today. Students and all middle school teachers as well as Ms. Nicky, Mrs. Kappler, Dr. Saliba, Mrs. St. Amand, Mr. Shawn and Ms. Sheree, each pulled a lettered ping pong ball out of a bucket to randomly place them in a “House”, resembling the “Houses” in the Harry Potter series. Once in a “House”, students worked as a team to establish their “House” identity. The purpose of the “Houses” is to build camaraderie and strengthen social and academic excellence within the middle school.

A big treat for all students came at 12:30. That’s when all teachers and staff took part in a flash mob, dancing to Katy Perry’s song, “Roar.” Students were quite excited to watch their teachers be a part of the flash mob.

Flash Mob

Flash Mob 1

Flash Mob 2

Flash Mob 3

Flash Mob 4

Following the flash mob, students took part in a school-wide parade, created a character-trait color chain in groups for a team-building activity while students identified a character trait that is important to them and shared it with others, and participated in all-student activities such as the Hokey Pokey, Freeze Dance, Macarena and ChaCha Slide.

Champ Day Activity 2

Champ Day Activity 1

Champ Day Activity

Middle School Activity

Champ Day Activity

What a fun-filled and engaging day for all! 

Our Champion Days are great ways to build community throughout the school, to discuss and remind students of school expectations, and to develop a sense of pride and unity among students and staff. Champion Days are held twice a year, and this marks our sixth Champion Day.

The pictures below show middle school students choosing lettered ping pong balls as a way to sort themselves into “houses.” Later, they played games with the new members of their “houses”.

Staff sort 6

Staff sort 5

Staff sort 3

Staff sort 1

Staff sort

sorting 15

sorting 14

sorting 13

sorting 12

sorting 11

sorting 10

sorting 9

sorting 8

sorting 5

sorting 4

sorting 2

sorting 1


Prize 1


Middle School Activity

Middle School Activity

Sorting H group

Sorting A group

Sorting P group

Sorting A group