Students “Hop on the Train” for Centers!

Ms. Wanda and Ms. Wren have an engaging way to keep their Tortuga prekindergarten students attentive while explaining centers.

The students are prompted to “hop on the train” before entering the classroom after a quick break. In a line, students quickly place their hands on the shoulders of the student in front of them and prepare to learn about centers for the day.

The teachers then take the students on a tour of the classroom,  making stops – all the while on the train – at each center.

After a “choo choo”, students gently bend their knees and lean back a bit as the train stops to learn about the next center. Students learned about five centers this day, and they listened attentively the entire time aboard the “train”.




Once in their centers, students worked on math skills, science, art, writing and building their homes with blocks.






What a creative and exciting way to learn about and work on centers, Ms. Wanda, Ms. Wren and the Tortugas class!