Students Get Creative While Learning About Their Heritage

Second grade students celebrated their heritage by digging into their roots to discover exactly where they and their families came from.

Students worked on heritage projects as they sought out answers to, “Have you ever wondered where you came from?” and  “Have you ever wondered what the country is like where your ancestors were born?”

The project included information on where their ancestors came from: the country and its capital; three interesting facts about the country; a family tree with pictures or drawings of those in the students’ ancestry; a doll dressed to represent the clothing and culture of the country; the country’s flag; and food that originated from the country being researched.

Students presented what they discovered and had a great time learning from one another.

Excellent work, second graders! We are proud of your hard work.




The students had an all-second grade potluck,  sharing food that came first from the countries that each of the students studied.