Students Get Creative on National Dot Day

One of our Seven Habits is to be proactive – and celebrating National Dot Day focuses exactly on that!

Preschool and prekindergarten celebrated National Dot Day during the week of September 15 (National Dot Day). Before creating their own dots, Art teacher Ms. Sherrod first read the students the story called The Dot by Peter Reynolds. The motivational day celebrates being proactive, not giving up and doing your best.

Ms. Sherrod said that thanks to Reynolds, artists can all “make their mark”.

Prekindergarten students used pencils and secondary color tempera paints to create their dot pictures. Below are pictures from Ms. Chelsey’s, Ms. Nicole’s and Ms. Amber’s classes creating beautiful artwork.

20160915_103306    20160915_103337   



20160915_103319    20160916_081432

Preschool students used chubby markers to make dots. Below are pictures of Ms. Jordan’s students sharing their artwork.






The students and Ms. Sherrod also discusses how to take care of art tools as they created their masterpieces. Excellent job, students!