Students Enjoy Learning at Math, Science and Technology Funfest

Students in both fifth and seventh grade had a great time learning at the 10th Annual Math, Science and Technology Funfest at the Tucson Convention Center.

The Funfest is an interactive math and science event that introduces students to diverse math, science and engineering concepts.

Scientists and mathematicians treated students to a variety of hands-on workshops to engage students and let them explore and discover great new ideas.

The Funfest was put on by many organizations including the University of Arizona, Raytheon, IBM, Honeywell, US Expo, and SciEnTeK-12. 

Mrs. Maxwell, one of our seventh grade science teachers, organized the field trip for our students. She signed the students up for the Funfest, and a grant was given that covered the cost of Beeline Buses which provided the transportation. Mrs. Maxwell was able to bring 140 students, which allowed both fifth and seventh graders to attend. Thank you, Mrs. Maxwell, for organizing this excellent field trip.

Mrs. Maxwell said, “Everyone had a great time learning new things. It was an amazing experience for all ages!”