Students Enjoy Fun and Treats in Library after Fundraising Contest

Our school held a fundraiser – a library dress down day –  to raise money for the library, and the class who raised the most money received quite a neat treat!

Ms. Chris, our school’s librarian, offered to hold a special “Lunch in the Library” for the class who raised the most money for the library fundraiser.

The winning class? Ms. Pena’s second grade. Planning took some time, and Ms. Chris and Ms. Pena decided on an afternoon “tea” instead so that the schedules would work well for all.

Come April 10, Ms. Pena’s students headed to the library to receive some sweet surprises from Ms. Chris. Ms. Chris and parent Elizabeth McCabe turned the library into an indoor picnic complete with desserts, fruit, treats and punch. Tables were decorated with tablecloths, doilies and even fresh roses from Ms. Chris’s garden! This special time was the one time students could break the normal “no food” and “keep quiet” library rules.

The students had a fun time eating, chatting and reading. Before they headed back to class, each student was given a goodie back filled with special bookmarks and gummy “book” worms.

Total raised on the library dress down day was $760.18, and Ms. Pena’s class raised $50.

Ms. Chris says the fundraiser and library picnic was such a success, and she is looking forward to the second annual “Lunch in the Library” and fundraiser.