Students Combine Learning with Giving to the Community

Fifth grade students spent some time before the Thanksgiving vacation learning a valuable lesson in both math and giving.

Students brought in canned goods to examine each items’ nutritional value. They then converted the amounts of various nutrients found in the ingredients from percentages to decimals and then to fractions.

This lesson allowed the students to apply math to the real world while learning a greater lesson -a great way to help those less fortunate. All canned food items brought in to school were donated to the Tucson Community Food Bank after the math lesson was completed.

What a great way to combine learning with helping our community, fifth graders!



Megan works hard on converting numbers that are part of a canned food’s nutritional facts.



Viona is involved in computing her conversions.



Kevin looks at a can of food to discover the nutritional facts.



Aidan, Jaedan and Audriana helped box up canned food after the students and their classmates completed the math lesson. Now, the items will be donated to those in need.