Kindergarten Student Helps Teach Classmates About Pi

Last week, students in Mrs. O.’s kindergarten class were introduced to “Pi” in honor of National Pi Day.

This year, we saw ten digits of Pi which only happens every 100 years:  3-14-15 9:26:53 AM and PM!

One of Mrs. O’s students, Kiara, explained to our class that Pi helps us measure circles. She presented on the topic, introducing new vocabulary – diameter and circumference.

Students were invited to measure the diameter and circumference of cookies using licorice. We advocate for this type of independent research in all of our classes!

Next time your child becomes excited about a topic, please encourage your child to present to the class on that topic in order to practice important skills that will help them throughout their time at TCDS!

Excellent job, Kiara and family, for helping classmates learn about Pi.