Student Parent Association Committees and Fundraising

Student Parent Association Committees & Fundraising

Interested in volunteering? Please email to be added to our volunteer list.

“School-aged children are more likely to get better grades, to enjoy school, to participate in extracurricular activities, and are less likely to have behavioral problems if the adults in their life have high levels of involvement in their schools”. – According to the National Center for Educational Statistics

We at TCDS have some of the most active parents and grandparents in Tucson! We welcome everyone who wishes to be involved, charge no dues, and offer multiple ways to participate. Whether you are new at volunteering or very experienced, we welcome the opportunity to get to know you better. Want more information? Check out the various ways you can get involved below or email for more information.

Helping in the Classroom

It’s amazing what another set of encouraging hands can do in a classroom. Some parent volunteers work directly in the classroom on a regular, one day a week basis while others are there for specific days or projects. A DPS Fingerprint clearance is needed to be left alone with a student who is not your own, but don’t worry, we can help you learn how to get one. TCDS holds volunteer orientations each fall to assist in fingerprint clearances and learning how best to help in the classrooms. Teachers also love having parents who can donate special supplies, snacks and other extras throughout the year.

Chairing a Committee

With over 30 different committees & clubs on campus, we’re sure you’ll find one that sparks your interest! Committee chairs are responsible for organizing, coordinating and running whatever relates to that committee whether it be a specific event like Fall Festival, something that occurs all year like collecting Box Tops, a weekly club such as Garden Club or a passion of yours we haven’t tried yet. Committees are typically chaired by two people, one experienced and one learning, with ample support from TCDS and SPA, our Student Parent Association.

 Serving on the SPA Board

Our Student Parent Association works hand in hand with the administration and our teachers to help raise funds, lend a helping hand, and generally enhance the school experience for all TCDS families. Board positions are elected for two years and are open to everyone.

Lending a Helping Hand

Want to help out but can’t commit to a regular time schedule? That’s ok! Calls for volunteers are sent out via email several times a month for specific dates, times or projects. Examples include being a jumping castle monitor for 2 hours on a Saturday, helping grade Spell-a-Thon tests one Tuesday morning, organizing and trimming box tops at home, bringing in snacks to help with AIMS, cooking for a teacher appreciation luncheon, and washing clothes for our uniform recycling program.

 Frequent Shopper Cards

Please help support TCDS by getting us FREE money! We have linked up with three local grocers and three office supply stores who will give back us a percentage of their sales when you shop at their stores. Next time you go shopping at any of those listed below, give them the following number and they’ll give us a portion of your sale back as free money! The grocery store money goes to SPA while all office supply purchases help supplement our Tech Lab and Preschool/PreK budgets.




Fry’s Barcode
(scan once to add your card)



Albertsons Barcode
(scan each time you shop)

Give these numbers each time you shop…

Staples – 2152166993 Office Depot – 1712827789

Office Max – 711059903

List of Committees & Clubs

Below is a list of many of the groups, clubs and committees here at TCDS, some fall under the Student Parent Association (SPA), some do not. Doesn’t matter though, we all work together to help our children grow and succeed. Brief descriptions and estimated time commitments are listed after each item. Higher ends of the time ranges are for committee chairs, lower time commitments are for helpers.

Yes, I want to help! Email to be added to our volunteer list and we’ll put you in touch with the right people to get you started. Interested in something not on the list? Harness your passion, talk to Dr. Saliba or SPA and start a committee related to your idea. All events and fundraisers are listed and coordinated on the school calendar.

Box Tops for Education – est time commitment 1-4 hours monthly

Manage the collection, trimming, sorting and sending of box tops to outside vendor. Modify existing flyers, coordinate publicity schedule develop prizes and campaigns, count money.

We encourage box top collections from general mills products. Each box top is worth 10 cents to the school. With this money, we help fund classroom supplies, teachers needs, sporting goods etc. This year our goal is $2500. Clip those tops, tell all your friends, neighbors co-workers & family to help their child make a difference at school! Our Box Top school ID is 589957 and our zip code is 85715 if want to create your own box top account for shopping online.

Cookie Dough – est time commitment 2-10 hours in Oct & Nov

Manage the biggest fundraiser of the year, selling cookie dough. Modify existing flyers, coordinate publicity schedule, receive, catalogue, count money and send in orders to outside vendor. Manage delivery and distribution of cookie dough one afternoon and child prizes another.

Donation committee – est time commitment 1-3 hours monthly

Solicit donations of items or services from local businesses. Take existing donation letter and collect toys, gift cards and other items for use as prizes and silent auction items throughout the year. We also need volunteers to help organize the donations once they have arrived & help with distribution on selected days.

Fall Festival – est time commitment 2-30 hours in Oct, planning prior

Help out with our biggest community event of the year. Held on a Saturday in October, we have 80-100 volunteers help staff food, jumping castles, games, ticket sales, face painting, dunk tank, carnival games, marketplace and many more fun events. Two main committee chairs work with 12 subcommittee chairs to create an amazing event! Folks are also need prior to the event to modify existing flyers, coordinate publicity, negotiate with outside vendors, sell marketplace spaces, and sell tickets.

Garden Club – est time commitment 2-4 hours per week

Holding weekly club meetings after school where students maintain our school garden. Plan, organize and teach garden related projects each week to a group of preschool – 8th grade students.

Library Committee – estimated time commitment 1-20 hours per month

Helping the administration accomplish everything necessary to launch our new library and keep it going.

Lunch helpers – est time commitment 2 hours weekly

Help Ms. Joan and our kitchen serve catered lunches each week.

Olympiad – est time commitment 5 hours one day in April or May

Help us celebrate spring with a K-8 track & field day. Events typically include 25/50 meter dash & hurdles, tug of war, obstacle courses, relays, arts & crafts, bean bag toss, musical chairs, board games, story telling, and more. Teams are combined from all grade levels for school wide fun. Over 40 volunteers are needed to help staff the various events.

Original Artworks – est time commitment 10 hours during Nov & Dec

Modify existing flyers, coordinate publicity schedule, receive, catalogue, count money and send in orders to outside vendor. Manage delivery of finished products and handle any issues arising.

Penny Wars – est time commitment 1-10 hours in March or April

Penny wars is a contest between the students grouped by uniform shirt color (white, yellow, red, etc.) to collect the most money. The students collect pennies, silver, dollars, & checks. Pennies & bills count towards the total while silver coins count against the total. The group with the highest total wins a prize such as an Eegees Party. This committee manages the competition, modifies existing flyers, coordinates publicity, counts change daily, arranges and delivers prizes.

Preschool/PreKinder Program – est time commitment 3 hours in Nov & March

The Early Education children create two wonderful performances each year, one each semester. Committee members assist with setup, teardown, and potluck food organization.

Restaurant Events – est time commitment 3-5 hours monthly

Manage fundraising events at local venues including Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Skate Country and Jason’s Deli. Arrange dates with TCDS and vendor, modify existing flyers, coordinate publicity schedule and staff a table at the event, run raffles and attendance contests.

Scholastic Book Fair – est time commitment 2-12 hours in Nov & March

Set up and organize the Book Fair twice a year. Arrange times and inventory details with outside vendor. Modify existing flyers, coordinate publicity schedule, collect teacher wish lists, cashier, and count money.

School Directory – est time commitment 2-40 hours in Aug & Sept

Input school directory information, request info from families who are missing, find and manage advertisements, collect money, design directory, and coordinate printing and distribution.

Scrip – est time commitment 1-3 hours monthly, 10 hours in Dec

Manage the scrip gift card and grocery rewards program. Modify existing flyers, coordinate publicity schedule, coordinate with outside vendor, sell gift cards and count money. Manage grocery card programs including annual re-sign ups and registration.

 Smarty Parties – est time commitment 4 hours quarterly

Assist administration with special breakfasts or lunches to reward 4-8th grade students with high GPAs. Coordinate food, paper products and prizes.

SPA Board Positions – estimated time commitment 15 hours per month

In charge of running the Student Parent Association, supporting the TCDS administration and ensuring committee chairs have everything they need to be successful. Elected positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications, and Volunteer Coordinator.

Spell a thon – est time commitment 3-30 hours in Dec & Jan

Get the kids excited about spelling with this pledge based fundraiser and community event. Create with administration assistance all grade level tests, modify existing flyers and pledge sheets, coordinate publicity schedule, arrange for prizes, collect and grade all tests, and distribute certificates. Manage second level testing, prizes, and grading. Assist administration with final spelling bee. Collect and count pledge money and distribute pledge prizes.

Staff Appreciation/Birthdays – 3 hours monthly

Makes sure our staff is recognized and appreciated. Ensures that all staff is given a token of appreciation on their birthday and coordinates teacher appreciation events.

Summer Potluck – estimated time commitment 2 hours in July, planning prior.

Help out with our summer community event. Held on the last Saturday before Camp Adventure ends, we have lifeguards watch the pool, sell used uniforms and generally reconnect and make new friends. Folks are need during the event to coordinate the potluck items, setup, clean up and sell uniforms.

Uniform Recycling – est time commitment 1-2 hours per month

Collect donated uniforms from the recycling bin monthly, wash and store them at home. Sort and sell uniforms 2-4 times per year.

Video & Photography – est time commitment 1-6 hours monthly

Have experience in photography or videography? Help us document our wonderful events and performances by attending and recording events, transferring information into digital form, and duplicating onto DVDs for distribution.

Water Day – est time commitment 2-10 hours in May

An annual TCDS tradition held at the end of the year. Students spend the school day in bathing suits, participating in various water events and playing on inflatables. Modify existing flyers, coordinate publicity, negotiate with outside vendors, monitor jumping castles, and run student games.

Winter Program – est time commitment 3 hours in Dec

Our wonderful music department puts on a school wide program every December. Volunteers on this committee assist at the event as ushers, stage hands, refreshments, and taking care of the students.


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