STUDENT FEATURE: We’re Learning About Ancient Mesopotamia Kings in 6th Grade!

Daisha reports from the 6th grade Social Studies program:

This is Daisha reporting from Tucson Country Day School. In Room 907, we have reports of students learning about “Ancient Mesopotamia” and a few of their kings. Let me tell you about them!

The Ancient Mesopotamians invented many things we still use today, like the wheel and written language. Many powerful kings ruled there like Sargon, the first known person to create an empire. Gilgamesh was another king who supposedly lifted mountains but that is most likely just a story (a good way to remember him is by saying “Gilga-myth”). Hammurabi was another powerful king because he unified a bunch of laws…282 of them! He sent scribes around his empire to see what laws each city-state had and put them together. The most famous law is known as “an eye for an eye”. Kubaba was one of the most interesting rulers we learned about: she was the only known female “king”. Her dynasty may have lasted a hundred years (but kings after her tried to erase her from history so we don’t know much about her).

These are some of the things we are learning in Social Studies. If you have any questions, talk to a local 6th grade student today!

*The picture below shows a depiction of one of the kings, Sargon.