Student Feature: Student-Led Walkout in Remembrance of Florida Shooting Victims

On March 14, many of our middle school students participated in a calm student-led walkout in remembrance of the 17 students killed in a mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. 

It was an incredible display of Champion respect, behavior, coordination and character.

Eighth grade student Kaiya reflected on the walkout:

The Nationwide Walkout

Written by Kaiya

February 14, 2018, a day of love, but to Florida students it was a day of fear and tragedy. 17 people lost their lives to a school shooting. The nation was devastated. They decided that something had to be changed. It was time for protests, strikes and more. But what about the people who lost their lives? Who will remember them? The nation can argue but our school wanted to remember. 

A group of students decided that a memorial had to take place, and we were going to make sure that happened. For two weeks we talked and came up with a plan and brought it to a trusted teacher who brought it to administration. Weeks of hard work were coming together. We finally had a plan to remember everyone who lost their lives in the shooting. 

The memorial would take place on March 14, 2018. One month after the tragic event. We planned to walk out at 10:00a.m., meet on the green hill, give a speech, walk to the field and tie orange ribbons in remembrance, then walk the field until the 17-minute memorial was over. 

Our plan was executed perfectly. It was a tragic day that our school will NEVER forget. The names will always be in our hearts, and our school made this memorial one that is worth remembering.