STUDENT FEATURE: “Lost Carnivores Project”

***The following is an article about the seventh grade science “Lost Carnivores Project” from the perspective of one of our own students,

Lost Carnivores Adventure

By Jocelyn, Seventh Grade

This article is about the whole experience with Lost Carnivores.  We each got to study the spotted skunk, the striped skunk, the hog-nosed skunk, the raccoon, or the kit fox.  We each received a notebook or Lost Carnivores Field Guide.  Then we got into groups and did a lot of research.  When we were considered experts on our animals we had a speaker come in.  She informed us about what was going to happen on the field trip.

Everyone seemed very excited.  She told us our class, 7-1, would be splitting up.  I got to go with 7-2 on Tuesday.  When that day came we were all happy to be missing school.  We got in the vans and were on our way.  We had a fun ride there.  Everyone sat with their friends.  When we got there we were split into two groups.  One would stay inside the nice lab or house and do research.  The group that went out had a lot of fun.  They got to go with some nice rangers.  The group that stayed had four stations.  We had a great time drawing maps and looking at some of the photos.  We put all our maps and research in our group folder.

When we all finished some groups had returned and we all had lunch.  We all got to learn so much whether on the hike or inside.  After lunch was over the second group set out for their hike hoping to get the fun and good weather the other group got.  This time I went.  We got the longer hike.  This hike was in a wash.  When we started hiking the sand got in everyone’s shoes.

We saw so many things.  We saw cacti with animal holes in them.  We saw magnetic sand and wolf berries, and we learned about hieroglyphics.  We had a great hike.  If you had four people in your group you could be the lead navigators or the camera person.  We took some great pictures.  Along the way we drew and took notes of anything interesting.  We got to see a dead tortoise, a lizard trying to defend himself, and a bush covered in beautiful butterflies.  When we reached our camera we switched the J.D. cards and moved it to a new location.

We put it a couple of yards from what appeared to be an old pen.  Then the walk back seemed to be easy.  We passed all the things we saw on the way there.  The day was almost over when we got back, and we were almost ready to leave.  We thanked the rangers and began to load into the vans.  We had a great time.

A few weeks later…

Now we are wrapping up this unit and looking at our pictures.  This unit was a lot of fun.  I hope we can do something like it again.