Student Feature: I am a Champion Essay

I am a Champion

Written by Kenny, 8th grade


‘I am a champion,’ states the first verse of our school pledge. “Why are we champions?” you might ask. Many reasons come to mind when I think about that question, one of which is that we are unique. Being a champion is about being you. Yet another reason as to why we are a champion might be the fact that we help others and ourselves at the same time. When someone falls down, a true Champion would help that person up and give them a few reassuring words. The next, most important quality is the fact that we never give up. The sports team might lose one game, but in the next one they come in chanting and excited for the game. The qualities above may not be in every Champion, but only in the ones who truly believe in the pledge.

Being unique is another word for individualism. Our school supports this idea, and it’s proven in a verse of the Champion pledge. We are not other people, we are ourselves. We can be who we want to be, whether it is a good or a bad choice. Even though we have uniforms, we can still be who we want to be with our personalities. In my time here, I’ve met all types of people. Loud people, quiet people, all of them. That’s the diversity of TCDS.

We help others because we care. A true Champion cares about other people and will gladly help them, no matter the situation. Someone on the other team falls in a soccer game, and a true Champion would come over and help them up. If a classmate needs help with a math problem, a true Champion helps them out and guides them through the problem. A true Champion cares.

Champions never give up. We power through, let it be a math competition, sports, or just an everyday classroom. When the big test comes, a true Champion will be confident and happy, trying his/her best on the assessment. When we “lose,” we never really do. It’s a simple learning process. Taken from the pledge, “I make mistakes so I can learn.” The Champion pledge underlines the true Champion qualities.

For some people, the Champion pledge is useless. In my mind, it completely defines our school. What does it mean to be a Champion? It means whatever you want it to be, either nothing at all or a whole plethora of uncountable qualities that make up this school. To be a Champion means to be yourself.


* Middle school Technology teacher Mr. Hubble assigned his students to write an essay about what it is, what it takes and what it means to be a champion.