STUDENT FEATURE: Helping to Save Endangered Animals

One of our students – third grader Madeline – wrote this wonderful article on endangered animals, a topic near to her heart:

In Ms. Shannon’s 3rd grade class, my teacher showed a video of endangered and extinct animals. It made me and my friends sad, so we decided to make a fundraiser for the endangered animals. Some endangered animals are polar bears, red pandas and black panthers. The fundraiser was for one week. Our goal was $100.00 but we went over our goal on Wednesday, so we changed it to $250.00. By Friday we made $292.45! The money is going to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). I still want to help the endangered animals. Maybe we’ll do a fundraiser next year. Please help save the endangered animals!

Excellent article, Madeline! Thank you for your dedicated work to help endangered animals, and thank you for informing others through writing this information for Newsworthy Notes.

animal 1

Madeline (right) and her friend Eleanor (left) hold handmade posters and also collected donations to help save endangered animals.


animal 2

Melina, Aydin and Rylee use handmade posters to spread the word to help save endangered animals.


animal flier

Madeline and Eleanor designed these flyers to inform staff, teachers and TCDS families about their endeavor to collect donations to help save endangered animals.