Student Council Helps Craft Recess Expectations

We love to run and play on the field, but what do you do when the play gets a little too rough?  Call in the amazing middle school Student Council members to help identify the expectations for recess behavior…that’s what you do!

Middle School Student Council members gave up three of their lunch times to meet with Dr. Anders and Mrs. Kappler. The purpose of their meetings was to talk about how to make sure the activities on the field, lower basketball courts and four square area are safe and fun.  The group talked about their expectations for behavior, then talked with their respective House crews and brought back information from those discussions to the whole  group.

The final step was to take all of the feedback and come up with expectations we can all follow to ensure everyone is safe during recess time.

Thank you Student Council for your ideas and dedication. We appreciate you!

Dr. Anders leads the Stu Go members as they discuss recess expectations


One of the small groups reports on their discussion



Students completed a table using the headers “Be Safe”, “Be Responsible”, and “Be Respectful”




Two Stu Go members discuss recess expectations


Dr. Anders joins a small group discussion

Several students work in their small group