Student Council “Giving Back” to TCDS

So many of our students take it upon themselves – individually or as a group – to help improve our campus in a variety of ways. Here’s the latest beautification projects…right from our very own Student Council. Thank you, students, for your kindness and generosity! Thank you to Mr. Hubble and Mr. Kirk for leading a great team of students.

A letter from TCDS Student Council: 

In keeping with our efforts to be student-led this year, Student Council has come up with and implemented several ways of giving back to TCDS.

We decided that basketball nets in the school colors were needed. We came up with fundraising strategies, raised the money, purchased the nets and presented them to Mr. Hall, the Athletic Director.

We enjoyed doing that so much that we wanted to do it again. So, we looked around at our school and wondered where else we could help. We decided that the door mats in front of our classrooms were wearing thin and needed replacing. From the money we raised, we purchased the needed door mats and replaced them.

            We really had a lot of fun giving back to the school. Now we are currently planning more ways to give back to the school and will keep you posted for those.


            Tucson Country Day School Student Council