Student Artwork Displayed at the Pima County Fair

Head out to the Pima County Fair, and check out the hundreds of pieces of student artwork from our school.

Our school has the most pieces of artwork displayed, and this year we set a record for ourselves with about 730 pieces of art.

Kindergarten through eighth grade art is displayed in Old Pueblo Hall at the fair. Artwork on display includes painting, drawing, ceramics, collages and print-making. Most elementary students completed their artwork during three to four sessions of art class. Middle school artwork was completed in five to seven sessions.

To see photographs of student artwork, you can visit our school’s blog:

The Pima County Fair opened April 17 and closes on April 27. Old Pueblo Hall is ope throughout the day and closes at 9:00p.m.

We are thankful that the fair art committee does a wonderful job with encouraging and motivating the schools to keep creating artwork. As we know how important the arts are in school, we appreciate how the fair informs the public of this as well.

We hope you can take at look at our student’s artwork on display at the fair.