Students and Science: Does All Fruit Produce the Same Number of Seeds?

Second grade students were all about science recently!

Ms. Adrienne’s Coyotes and Ms. Laurie’s Owls conducted their first science experiment of the year – outside – just in case things got a bit messy.

The students wanted to find answers to the question: Does every kind of fruit produce the same amount of seeds?

The researched: Why do plants have seeds? How do seeds get dispersed?

Among the students’ hypotheses: “I think if the fruit is bigger, it will have more seeds.”

Students dissected fruit – apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges and limes – and the “Slicers” and “Scoopers” synergized to discover how many seeds were in each type of fruit. The number of seeds were charted.

During the next Science session, Ms. Adrienne’s Coyotes will study their results to see if their hypotheses were correct. That will serve as the conclusion to this engaging project – and it’s one step closer to students independently designing Science Fair projects in February.

What an interactive project, students!

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