“Stop, Drop and Roll” – Kindergarten Students Learn About Fire Safety

Kindergarten students learned about fire safety during a presentation recently from the Tucson Fire Department.

Two Public Safety Education Specialists from the Tucson Fire Department – Mari Vasquez and Cecilia Mendoza – visited TCDS to give some great advice to our students when it comes to being safe should a fire break out in a home or building that they are in.

The Specialists discussed with the kids what they should and should not do in case of a fire, talked about “Stop, Drop and Roll” should a fire break out and also talked about fire alarms in homes. The students took home coloring books to work on at home which tells them more about fire safety,

The presentation was all a part of the kindergarten team’s Fire Safety Month. Students has also learned about fires and fire trucks, among other related concepts, in their classrooms.

The kids had a great time while they learned a lot about fire safety. A huge thank you to our special guests for teaching us!