STEM Engages Students’ Minds and Imaginations

Ms. Amber’s prekindergarten class has been creating some wonderful STEM projects!

First up, Ms. Amber’s students did a study on the human body. As part of the study, Ms. Amber and students discussed and voted on which body parts to represent and what materials to use.

image4 (1)

Check out the incredibly creative “Lift the Flap” body map the students created!

image1 (1)

image3 (2)

“The kids did the whole project, I helped with some of the spelling and tracing the student. The lift-the-flap idea was theirs and the ideas for all parts they wanted to include…as was the decision for what materials to use! My class is quite creative and ambitious,” said Ms. Amber.

To complete the body map and study, documentation happened as a closure activity during the class’s morning meeting.

Ms. Amber also introduced her Elephant Class to STEM baskets. Students got to choose what materials they used, as well as the amount of each item. Once this task was complete, students were asked:

“What can your table build together using 10 Q-Tips, four straws, 20 Popsicle sticks, 14 pieces of masking tape, and a pair of scissors – in six minutes?”

The Red group created a plane, the White group created a car and the Blue group created a wind chime.

What great imaginations our students have!