STEAM Fun With Straws, Boxes, Toothpicks and Marshmallows!

Synergizing to Create Marble Mazes

Ms. Amber and Mr. Jordan’s prekindergarten students, the Elephants, have been building mazes in their classroom using cardboard boxes and straws.

The object of the maze is for a marble to travel from start to finish.  Along the way, the marble might meet obstacles, dead ends, traps, bridges, slides and more.

The Elephants brought supplies – straws, tape and a large “marble maze” cardboard box – with them to a recent visit with the Reading Buddies, the Coyotes students in Ms. Adrienne’s second grade class. The younger students showed the older students a large maze they built as a class. Next, the kids teamed with their buddies to make mazes.

The students brainstormed and created to make amazing marble mazes.  Then, the teams tested their mazes to see if they worked. They made changes to sections they thought should be fixed, and some kids made their mazes even more challenging after testing them.

Here’s a look at the fun and engaging marble maze projects in which the students synergized great!


3-D Math

Ms. Adrienne’s second grade students, the Coyotes, have been learning about 3-D shapes.

To introduce the Coyotes to new vocabulary such as edges, corners and faces, the students built their own cubes, pyramids and prisms. They used toothpicks and marshmallows – and had a lot of fun learning about math shapes in 3-D!