Spelling Bee Contestants to Take Part in Annual Bee Wednesday

Dozens of TCDS students will participate in the school’s annual Spelling Bee this week. The action takes place this Wednesday, January 29 at 9:00am. The participants will be on the stage, and audience will be on the green and surrounding area. Parents, grandparents, all family and friends are invited to come out to support the contestants. 

Here’s a look at this year’s contestants taking part in the Spelling Bee. We are proud of all of our students!


Kindergarten students

From Ms. Amber’s Class:

Emily, Brooke, Ian and Ava

From Mr. Wright’s class:

Greyson, Eve, Kayden, Broden, Korben and Lilah

From Ms. Jaclyn’s class:

Gabriel, Faith and Annelise

From Ms. Kari’s class:

Kristen, Cierra, Samuel, Gabriela and Sierra


First Grade Students

From Ms. Ginny’s class:


From Ms. Wendy’s class:

Sutton and Soraya

From Ms. Fiore’s class:

Juan and Kate


Second Grade Students

From Ms. Pena’s class:

Mikayla and Mike

From Mrs. Rodriguez’s class:

Reagyn, Hessick, Haley and Elliot

From Mr. Rob’s class:

Ethan, Mark and Kacia

From Ms. Smith’s class:

Ashley and Sofia


Third Grade Students

From Ms. Shannon’s class:

Kellen and Nick

From Ms. Stacey’s class:

James and Brianna

From Ms. Getz’s class:

Elly, Dannica and Honor

From Ms. Lopez’s class:

Matthew and Jesamin


Fifth Grade Students

From Mr. Fisher’s class:


From Mrs. Maddock’s class:



Sixth Grade Students