Snippets of What’s Happening on Our TCDS Campus!

From “blue days”, a garden facelift and mixing paints in art to Bahama Bucks, Young Reporters and being proactive while synergizing – we’ve got some neat news from around our campus!

It’s A Blue Day for Mrs. Hubble’s Heroes!

Mrs. Hubble’s third grade class has a new milestone to celebrate – not only did the students all end Wednesday on green, but several ended the day on blue!

Mrs. Hubble says it’s quite the accomplishment for her class! She is quite proud of her Hubble’s Heroes – and we are too!


Our Heart *or Fairy* Garden is Getting a Facelift!

Algebra 1 students are digging in and getting their hands dirty – preparing to transform the Heart Garden, also known as the Fairy Garden. 

Last year’s Algebra 1 students spent many hours in the garden – measuring and carefully placing intricate pieces into the stunning heart-shaped garden. We’re excited to see the masterpiece this year’s students come up with!


Mixing Colors in Preschool and Prekindergarten Art

Preschool and prekindergarten Art teacher Ms. S is using primary colors to teach the young students about secondary colors.

The kids are mixing primary color water paints to make secondary colors. Ms. S and the students also added cornstarch to the paints to make different tints of the colors as well as textures.

Pictures below are from Ms. Moriah’s prekindergarten class. 

Ms. S says, “Make sure to ask your child about what colors they mixed in art this week!”




Bahama Bucks Fundraiser a Big Hit!

A big thank you to all students, families and friends who came out to Bahama Bucks Wednesday night for our Team DC fundraiser! 

It was a big hit – and the lines were long, but the amazing employees at Bahama Bucks prepared all the icy treats quickly for customers. Thank you, Bahama Bucks employees for doing such a great job – all with smiles on your faces!

The fundraiser made $523.19 plus about $62 in tips! Way to go, Champions!


Introducing Our Young Reporters!

Do you have a love of writing? Do you want to strengthen your writing skills? Would you like the chance to publish your non-fiction stories? If you answered yes to any – or all – of these questions, read on to find out how YOU can become a Bear Essential News Young Reporter!

Speaking of Young Reporters, we are excited to introduce four Young Reporters at our school! Eighth graders Sienna, Nate and Ethan recently received their official Young Reporters press pass and notepad in the mail – and they are ready to report! 


The trio of reporters “interviewed” the newest Young Reporter – eighth grade student Zedekiah.

Outside of class, these blossoming writers will be working on writing non-fiction articles and then submitting them to Bear Essential to hopefully be published in an upcoming issue. The students will also attend an upcoming Young Reporters Workshop to learn more about the world of broadcast and print journalism and work on their writing.

Interested in becoming a Young Reporter for Bear Essential? It’s free – and it’s a great experience! Check out their website at You can learn about the Young Reporter program there – it’s geared toward third through eighth grade students, as well as print out the form to become a Young Reporter.

Email our school’s Community Relations Director Sarah McKeown – also the Advisor for our school’s Young Reporters – at if you have any questions! 


We’re Being Proactive While Synergizing!

Ms. Kotel’s first grade class worked with Mrs. Young’s fourth grade class on a “Being Proactive” activity. What a way to synergize, students!