Sixth Grade ACE Class Visits Prehistoric Era



This is Mikayla W. reporting live from the A.C.E. classroom. 

Breathtaking news has come upon us: Mr Kievit’s 6th grade gifted students have discovered a time machine and have traveled back to the Prehistoric period to become hunter-gatherers (pre-historic means “before writing”).

Secondary sources have told us that they have gone on mammoth hunts, discovered the first tool (the rock) and developed a simple language.  “Uh uh uh” means danger.  “Hare-say” is safe. “schmae” is bad, and their greeting is “Nyaaaa”.

They have even created names for themselves.  For example, Haley is “Hay”, Mikayla is “Yay”, and Reagyn is “Papp”.  They also have a current tribal leader, Ilah, known as “Bluukee”.

They have learned how to harness fire and are speedily moving toward the Neolithic Era where they will become more civilized by building houses, domesticating plants and animals, and by specializing in jobs.

More on this story as it develops!

Reporting for Champion News – Mikayla W.



Reporting from the A.C.E. classroom, this is Alyssa K., informing you about our class!

As we learn about the early ways of humans in 6th grade, we know that the best way to learn about how they lived is to live like them, so we have become our own tribe!

Our first tribal leader was Guante (Caleb), who was a great Paleolithic hunter before suddenly getting hurt during a mammoth hunt.  Bluukee (Ilah) stepped up to the challenge of being leader and moved us all the way into the Neolithic Age.  In this “new stone age” we are starting to settle down in one place, building houses and learning farming.  As we learned to domesticate, Bluukee chose three tribe members to raise puppies for the tribe.  Tribe member Yay (Mikayla) was the most successful, bringing up eleven trained wolf pups!

Now, we are learning about specialization and surplus of resources.  Hopefully our tribe is prepared for what comes next!

This is Alyssa K., signing out!