Several Strategies Help Us Learn!

We all learn in different ways. Take a look at how some of Ms. Adrienne’s second grade Coyotes learn.
As the Engage NY second grade curriculum unfolds, students are introduced to many strategies in which to approach basic addition and subtraction.
Examples include: Arrow Way, Number Bonds, T-Charts, Grouping 10’s and 1’s, and the Vertical Way.
Ms. Adrienne recently gave each of her students “scratch paper” to use in whatever way they chose to best help them as they worked through a double-digit addition worksheet.
“It was fascinating to see the variation of strategies the Coyotes used to accomplish this simple math and how successful each student was at completing their work!” said Ms. Adrienne.
She plays to use the students’ “scratch paper” as information to assess gaps in their understanding of each method, for future planning, and to find ways to make math accessible and fun for every student.