Second Grade Students Get Crafty Making Stuffed Bears!

Ms. Pena’s second grade “Ositos” learned all about the adventures of cutting, sewing and  creating their own stuffed animals!

The students are very proud of their project – they raised money for supplies, learned how to make stuffed teddy bears and even donated them for a good cause!

Last quarter, Ms. Pena’s class held bake sales to raise money for materials to make and dress the stuffed teddy bears.The students brought in baked goods, ran the bake sale on their own, counted money and made change.

Once supplies were purchased and other items were donated, the kids learned how to cut the material and sew and stuff their bears with Ms. Pena’s help. The students worked to trace and cut the bears from a template that Ms. Pena made; the bears were made out of pillow cases that the kids brought from home. With assistance, the students then sewed, stuffed, designed and dressed the bears. * Clothes for the bears were purchased, and students used items including ribbons and buttons to add to the bear.

Once finished, the students donated the handmade stuffed teddy bears to one of Ms. Pena’s friends, and she will use them with her students in the classroom. This teacher was very happy to receive the teddy bears, and Ms. Pena’s students were happy to donate them!

Wow – what a great lesson! Lots of hard work, determination and generosity – amazing work, Ms. Pena and students!