Second Grade Students Discover Their Background with Heritage Project

Second grade students have spent quite some time digging into their roots to discover exactly where they – and their family – came from. Students worked on their heritage projects, complete with a report on the country their ancestors came from and a doll in which they dressed up to represent clothing from their country. Some students also brought in pictures of family members, and others wore an actual outfit from different generations. 

This week, students presented their heritage projects, and the entire project culminated with the classes holding a potluck. Each student brought in a food from the country that they learned about during their heritage project.

Excellent work, second graders! We are proud of you.

The following pictures: Ilah, from Mrs. Rodriguez’s class, presented her heritage project, complete with an actual outfit worn by her grandma when she was younger.

pictures 219

pictures 221

pictures 222

pictures 224

pictures 225

The following pictures: Every second-grade student made a doll and dressed it in clothing (by coloring it, using fabric or actual doll clothes, and even Legos) from the country studied in their heritage project.

pictures 230

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The following pictures: Students brought in food from the country of their families’ background, and then the students had a potluck, sharing their food so they could get a taste of many countries.

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