Second Grade Student Collecting Supplies to Donate to Boys and Girls Club


Second grade student Haley is collecting supplies to donate to the local Boys and Girls Club. It’s part of Project Tucson, and through researching the Boys and Girls Club, Haley learned that the club helps over 8,000 kids in Tucson.


Children go to the clubhouses after school to receive homework help, play sports or just have fun and make great choices. The Boys and Girls Club, a non-profit organization, is also open for kids to attend in the summer. The volunteers and donations help them successfully run.


Haley is in Mrs. Rodriguez’s class, and she is asking second grade students and their families to collect items that the Boys and Girls Club needs.


Items needed are school supplies such as paper, pencils and pens, as well as art supplies including crayons, markers and paint. The organization can also use playground and sports equipment such as basketballs and jump ropes.


Other items the Boys and Girls Club is in need of can be found on their website at


Second grade families – and anyone – who would like to donate items can take them to your teacher by March 21 before Spring Break. Teachers will give items to Mrs. Rodriguez, and she will give them to Haley and her family to take to the Boys and Girls Club to donate.


Haley reads to students, telling them about what she found out about the Boys and Girls Club, while her friend holds a poster about what Haley is working on.



These pictures show second grade students listening to Haley discuss what she found out about the Boys and Girls Club and her idea to collect items to donate to the club. The students posed for a couple of pictures following Haley’s presentation.