Second Grade Demonstrates Seven Habits and “The Leader in Me”

Wonderful examples of the Seven Habits and “The Leader in Me” are being noticed all over campus. Today, we take a closer look inside our four second grade classrooms.

Mrs. Maggie’s class mission statement shows great teamwork and leadership!



In Ms. Laurie’s and Mrs. Rodriguez’s classrooms, students are working hard and getting to know each other.





Ms. Adrienne’s class created short stories after learning about Habit 1 – Be Proactive! The class – the Coyotes – stories  starred a “proactive coyote.”

Stories included a title, beginning, middle, end, characters, setting, problem/plot and solution/conclusion. When students finished with the 5 steps of the Writing Process, they shared their stories by reading out loud to the class and even to Dr. Anders.

Ms. Adrienne says the Coyotes were both a very supportive audience and excellent presenters. Way to go Coyotes!