School Salad Bar a Favorite Among Students

Fruits and veggies galore – the students keep coming back for more!

The salad bar offered during our school lunch is a big hit with students, and food service directors are happily surprised to find that the salad bar is helping kids choose tasty and healthy options for lunch.

“It is amazing how many kids do pick the cucumbers, carrot sticks, olives, peaches…It always surprised me how they went for the side vegetables,” said Food Service C0-Director Ms. Vanessa Juniper.

Ms. Vanessa is one of two TCDS employees in charge of the food services at our school. Ms.Stacey Love is also a Food Service Co-Director.

Healthy Innovations is the company which caters the daily lunches to our school. Chef Armando Rodriguez is the owner and chef of Healthy Innovations. His wife Claudia, as well as their assistant Maria, help Chef Armando with cooking and serving the meals at TCDS every day.

The salad bar is offered each day. Healthy Innovations employees set up the salad bar with a wide array of fruits, vegetables and some special treats, sure to appeal to children and adults of all ages.

school lunch pictures 003

The salad bar offers a wide array of fruits, vegetables and tasty side dishes.


school lunch pictures 006

At the salad bar, students start out with a salad and can choose toppings to add.


school lunch pictures 007

Peaches, carrots and pasta salad are healthy options  students can choose.


school lunch pictures 008

Oranges and watermelon are a big hit with students.


school lunch pictures 009

Once a week, students can choose banana pudding. Each day, Jell-O is offered on the salad bar.


school lunch pictures 005

With many options, students are excited to try new choices while also looking forward to their favorite healthy finds.

Every meal includes a trip to the fresh salad bar. If students choose not to order one of the main entrees offered, they can order the fruit and salad bar meal, allowing them to fill up solely on salad bar options.

school lunch pictures 001

Ms. Vanessa, Healthy Innovations employees and parent volunteers take a moment to prepare before students arrive for lunch.



Ms. Stacey, Healthy Innovations employees and parent volunteers pose at the salad bar. It’s tasty food that is much anticipated by many students.



Dr. Saliba stands by the salad bar, which is quite popular with both students and staff.



Dr. Saliba got in on the action and helped serve pizza during lunch.

Food that is offered on the salad bar changes slightly from day to day. One main change is the “sweet treats” offering. Once a week, students are treated to banana pudding, which seems to be one of many favorite options among the children. 

In regards to the salad bar, second grader Ashley told us, “I love it because it has a lot of salad and different foods.”

Isabella, also in second grade, said, “I like salad a bunch. My grandma calls me a bunny.”

Parent volunteers and caterers serve the students in kindergarten through third grade, as well as students in preschool and        pre-kindergarten.

Watching the children flow smoothly through the salad bar, volunteers ask the students if they want certain foods before putting it on their plates. On other instances, students request specific items, making sure to have their favorite healthy foods find their way onto their plates. 

“I like the peaches,” Alayna told us.

Mylo said, “I like the peaches, cucumbers, carrots and some oranges.”

school lunch pictures 012

Ms. Vanessa waits for students to arrive for lunch.


school lunch pictures 014

Students check in with Ms. Vanessa and then get their lunches.


school lunch pictures 015

Parent volunteers and Healthy Innovations employees serve salad bar items to students in preschool through fifth grade. Students in sixth through eighth grade can serve themselves.


school lunch pictures 018

Students, like Nathaniel pictured here, can choose which items that would like from the salad bar.


school lunch pictures 021

Tannor lets a volunteer know which options he would like to try.


school lunch pictures 025

Terrance waits as a volunteer fills his plate with tasty and healthy food from the salad bar.


school lunch pictures 019

A volunteer helps Michael fill his plate with tasty food of his choice.


school lunch pictures 029

Taylor takes a moment to smile while waiting patiently for food from the salad bar.


school lunch pictures 033

Ms. Vanessa checks in a new set of students who are ready for lunch.


school lunch pictures 037

Students wait in line as they eagerly anticipate their lunch.


school lunch pictures 030

A student waits for a volunteer to help fill her plate with delicious salad bar food.


school lunch pictures 031

Students check out the food before making their way to picnic tables to eat.

In middle school – sixth through eighth grade – students serve themselves, with volunteers assisting as needed.

In addition to Healthy Innovations employees, it takes three to seven parent volunteers each day to help serve lunch to students at our school.

More parent volunteers are always needed. If you are interested in volunteering your time during lunch, please contact Ms. Vanessa or Ms. Stacey. 

Lelan in second grade summed up thoughts of the salad bar that students and staff look forward to on a daily basis.

“I like the cucumbers, carrots, oranges, peaches, banana pudding and all the stuff that they give you.”  

school lunch pictures 041

Students show their trays, which includes several healthy options they selected from the salad bar.


school lunch pictures 042

Students enjoy their lunch. Hot lunch includes a trip to the fresh and delicious salad bar.