School Calendars

School Calendars

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 A note from Admin about the 2017-18 calendar

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience while we worked and re-worked the 2017-18 school calendar.  Previous calendars and schedules have received strong support from our parents, teachers and staff.  The one main concern we’ve heard is that it’s hard for you, our parents, if our calendar is not aligned to some degree with the calendars of neighboring districts.   Knowing this, we worked to align the calendar as much as we could to both the Tanque Verde School District and Tucson Unified School District calendars.  Here is a brief summary of next year’s calendar:

  • The 180-day school year begins on Monday, August 7 and ends on Thursday, May 24.
  • 4th through 8th grade will run from 8:00 to 2:45; Kinder through 3rd grade begins at 8:30 and dismisses at 3:15.
  • We will have a one week fall break and a one week spring break. The breaks follow the end of the quarter which is a great time for students and staff to rest, relax and get refreshed for the next quarter.   Our fall break is the same as both Tanque Verde and TUSD.  Our spring break is the same as TUSD.
  • Our last day of school prior to winter break will be December 21st.  We will return to school on January 8.  Tanque Verde and TUSD are taking the same two weeks off.
  • We will continue to dismiss one hour early on Wednesdays – 1:45 for 4th through 8th grade and 2:15 for kinder through 3rd grade.  Early dismissal on Wednesdays enables us to provide professional development for our teachers more frequently and more effectively. This is a benefit to teachers, staff and students.  The Early Dismissal Wednesday after care program will continue at a cost of $5 per Wednesday per family for those students who will be picked up at their regular dismissal time of 2:45 or 3:15. We organize this time with a short snack break, and then an academic study hall, access to computer-based academic programs and/or outside activities.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences will be held in the middle of the first quarter instead of the end of the quarter.  Your feedback told us parents overwhelmingly support this and we do too.
  • The first two days of school, August 7th and 8th, will once again be designated as Champion Days. We will spend our time building our culture and community; reinforcing our expectations for manners, respect and Champion behavior; talking about classroom expectations, procedures and policies; working on anti-bullying activities together, and continuing our schoolwide implementation of The Leader in Me.  As we saw last year, these first days of school are helpful to all of us in meeting our goals of social and academic excellence and establishing a great climate for the school year.  As we did this year, we will also have a Champion Day on the Monday we return from Winter Break.

If you have any questions about the calendar, please feel free to contact us at (520) 296-0883 or send us an email.

Best Regards,

Your Administration Team