S-House Surpasses Goal in Book Sale to Benefit “Kids of Steele”

Way to go S-House!

The students in S-House held a week-long book sale – offering a variety of books for 50-cents a piece – to raise money for an organization called Kids of Steele.

S-House made a goal to raise $30 during the book sale to cover the cost of a mini golf tournament hole that TCDS will sponsor for Kids of Steele – our school also sponsored a hole last year.

The students far exceeded their goal – and raised a whopping $201!

Mrs. Barney says many families also made generous donations to the cause. Thank you to all our students who made the book sale possible, to all who purchased books and to those who donated as well. We truly appreciate this successful team effort!

The “extra” money from the book sale will be used to purchase gift cards and snack items for Kids of Steele that S-House will put into snack packs for children who are staying at the hospital.

Kids of Steele is responsible for research of terminal illnesses, hospitalization for kids with illnesses, and helping the kids through their treatments in a variety of ways. Kids of Steele gives snack packs, gift cards and other treats to kids that spend a lot of their time in the hospital.  Children receive gift cards when they hit milestones in their treatment or when they have a birthday or another special event in their lives.  They also get snack packs throughout their hospital stay.

Books that were not sold during the book sale will be donated to our librarian Ms. Chris so she can use them for events or in the library.

S-House looks forward to being able to help Kids of Steele throughout the school year!