Reading Buddies and Relationship-Building Unite Champions of Different Grade Levels

The recent Champion Day that kicked off second semester had students from all grade levels unite to learn, demonstrate their Champion behavior and grow in friendship with one another.  Students are enthusiastic about continuing that Champion behavior and friendship throughout the year.

On January 16, the middle school C House joined with many first and third grade students to read together. The goal? To continue building cross-curricular relationships through academic activities while also modeling Champion behavior.

Dozens of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students met on the grassy hill, stage and activity center during their middle school enrichment to become Reading Buddies with Ms. Ginny’s first grade class and Mrs. Getz’s third grade class.

Champion behavior was definitely demonstrated. Everyone got along well and was engaged in reading and creating lasting friendships.

“What so many of the first grade students were able to read was very impressive….The little girl I read with wasn’t interested in reading at first, so we just talked about what it’s like in elementary school and what it’s like in middle school. Then someone brought over a princess book. I didn’t really want to read it, but she wanted me to, so I did,” said middle school student Mercedez.

The younger students were chosen to be a part of the C House – each middle school house has joined with students in the lower grades so that all students are part of a house for the remainder of the year. This will help to encourage students to form friendships, learn together and participate in activities with peers from all grade levels.

“The girls I read with were so cute. One of them even sat in my lap as I read to them. This was so much fun,” said middle school student Dakota.

The middle school students were excited by the younger students’ reading.

“Wow, I can’t believe how well some of the third graders read. Some of the words, I didn’t even know!” said middle school student Emily.

As for the teachers, they thought this activity turned out very well also.

“This was wonderful and seems to work so well with the older kids. Maybe we could do this once a month?” said first grade teacher Ms. Ginny.

The middle school C House leaders, Ms. St. Louis, Mrs. St. Amand and Mrs. Cook, think the Reading Buddy get-together was a great success, and they echoed Ms. Ginny as they agreed that monthly Reading Buddy groups with the same students would be valuable for all involved.

Aaron M_ reading to Broden S_ and Lance M

Aaron M_ reading with Lance M

Arianna H_ reading to Faith K_ and Reagyn P

Connor F_ reading to Lance M_ and Marcus V_ reading to Broden S

Nino R_ listening to John D_ and Ricardo R_ read  Dakota N_ reading to Aria H_ and Clara C

Dean P_ reading to Nikolai N

Emily B_ reading with Hayley L_ and Athena M

Isaac H_ reading to Ava P

Jasmine N_ reading with Khang N_ and Korben L

Jasmine N_ reading with Korben L_, Khang N_, Broden S_ and Aaron M_ with Lance M

Jordan M_ listening to Luis M_ read

Jordan M_ reading to Luis M

Kyndall K reading Cooper R_ and Lexi S_ reading to Emmelie E

Aaron M_ reading with Broden S_ and Lance M

Lexi S_ and Kyndall K_ reading to Emmelie E_ and Cooper R

Linnea B_ reading with Gwyn S_ and Izabella P

Mercedez D_ reading to Ashlynn E_, Damian B, Lluvia G_, Julian H_ and Braylon D_,

Mercedez D_ reading to Dimitri V_, Ashlynn E_, Braylon D_, Julian H_, Eve L_, Damian B_ and Liuvia G

Mrs_ Getz and Jasmine J_ reading with Hailey E

Sonny H_ listening to Landon K_ read

Talyn A_ reading with Sabrina H

Tyler P_ engaged by Sean B_ reading to him