Preschool Art Project Focuses on Colors and Textures

Ms. Gabby’s preschool students had fun experimenting with finger paint in Art with Ms. Sherrod.

Students used “skin color” paints that also match a Fall color poster. They talked about the difference in using fingers to paint versus using a brush to paint. Ms. Sherrod said most students enjoyed exploring with fingerpaints, although some decided using a brush was better.  Ms. Sherrod said most students agreed that it was messier to fingerpaint.

Ms. Sherrod also is teaching the students about different textures through painting while incorporating the idea that all things have texture. They related the concept of texture to their five senses. For example, students learned more about how things feel to their sense of touch and how things look by their sense of sight (hard, soft, bumpy, rough).

It sure looks like the kids had fun!