“Light Blox” Integrates Science with Art

Exploring art, color, light, and science tools makes for a great lesson for preschool and prekindergarten students!

Preschool and prekindergarten teacher Ms. Sherrod used a Light Blox kit as she worked with our students to learn about science tools and the painting color wheel.

Students compared the primary colors of light – red, green and blue -to the artist primary colors – red, yellow and blue – while they discussed similarities and differences.

Students discovered that mixing colors with the Light Blox results in color changes. Red and green light together make yellow light, blue and green lights together make cyan, and red and blue lights mix to make magenta.

When red, green and blue light were all mixed together on the Light Blox, students found out that the result made for white light.




In an additional compare and contrast activity, prekindergarten students got creative during a free-paint project painting with the primary colors of light – red, blue and green. Students noticed that when they mixed the three primary colors of light together using paint, the result was brown.

Preschool students did the Light Blox project as well, but did not paint at the end of the lesson. The artists in the pictures are students from Ms. Amber’s, Ms. Sammy’s and Ms. Wanda’s prekindergarten classes.

The Light Blox kit will be used for additional STEAM projects in the preschool and prekindergarten classrooms, allowing students to integrate science with art.