Pioneer Dress-Up Day and Westward Expansion Museum Concludes Second Grade “West” Unit

It’s Pioneer Day for second grade students!

All of our second grade kids completed their Westward Expansion unit with a “Pioneer Dress-Up Day” followed by a daytime and evening museum in each of their classrooms for other classes (during the school day) and later, for parents and families, to see and learn about all the amazing projects the students worked on during this unit.

Here are some pictures of the kids with their “families” while heading West.

We asked some of the students – using the names they used in their “Western families – to tell us their favorite parts and what they learned about the Westward Expansion unit. 

“My favorite part was [making] the soap.”  ~ Samuel

“My favorite part was making the covered wagon.”  ~ Charles

“My favorite part was making the temporary shelters.”  ~ Emma

“My favorite part is making the butter.”  ~ Robert

“I can’t have a favorite part. I love everything!”  ~ Delphine

“We learned about three different boats – a keel boat, a flat boat, a steam boat…We learned about three different types of clouds.”  ~ Nellie

“My favorite part was making the rafts.”  ~ Mr. Gus 


Students brought their families in to check out what they learned.

Congratulations to every second grade student, their teachers and families for working so hard and learning so much from “heading West”!