Our School’s Special Election: The Great ATE Debate!

Students in the K-8 ACE Program worked with ACE teacher Mr. Kievit to organize an election of their own during the recent Election Day for our country.

ACE students held a school-wide election to see what students’ favorite meals are – breakfast, lunch or dinner. ACE students campaigned for their own favorite meal – they created signs and displayed them around campus for several weeks prior to the election.



Come Election Day, grade by grade, students voted for their favorite meal. Students even received an “I Voted!” sticker once they cast their ballot.

The entire process taught not only ACE students – by students preschool through eighth grade – about the voting process, including registration, ballots and voting. Thus, our entire school was able to be a part of TCDS’s special election the “Great ATE Debate” for Election Day on November 8.

Let’s hear from some of our ACE students for an inside look at our school’s the “Great ATE Debate”.

09-linda-nguyen  TCDS ACE Reporter:  Linda N. (4th Grade)

At the amazing “Great Ate Debate”, TCDS held an election for their Favorite Meal. On Tuesday November 8th, students from pre-K to 8th grade cast their votes between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No adults were allowed to vote! There were 728 votes cast, and breakfast won by 9 votes! Everyone had a great time, and the Gifted ACE Program (Academic Champion Excellence) was happy to help out with the election!


18-eleanor-wright  TCDS ACE Reporter: Eleanor W. (4th Grade)

This is fourth grader Eleanor W. reporting for Champion News. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner…who will win?  TCDS has held an election at the Activity Center stage. On Tuesday November 8th our pre-K through 8th grade students voted, with 728 votes total. The Gifted Program (ACE, or Academic Champion Excellence) built ballot boxes, made posters, counted votes and helped run the election.  And…Breakfast won!!! See you for our next election in 2020!

Take a look at the day’s election events.

Students check in to vote…



…and cast their ballot.



What a wonderful lesson for all of our students! Thank you Mr. Kievit and ACE students for teaching us all about the voting process.