NJHS Participates in “Challenge Program”

20 TCDS National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) members recently participated in a University of Arizona leadership development program called “Challenge Program”.

The program focused on team building, learning how to be both a leader and a follower while performing each of those roles well, listening skills and communication skills, collaboration and recognizing your comfort zones. The Challenge Program was an 8-hour class of events on the ground as well as events that took place a bit above ground.

Students participated in the Challenge Program at the UA soccer field.

Middle school Language Arts teacher Colleen Johnson and our school’s guidance counselor Diane St. Amand are NJHS advisors. Mrs. St. Amand says that she has been taking students to the Challenge Program for the last eight years, and she believes it is one of the best leadership programs in Tucson for middle school students. ‘

What a fun and educational day it was for students in NJHS.

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