7 Habits “Come to Life” with Etiquette Practice

We’re incorporating etiquette classes into our fifth graders’ day!

Lunch Director Mrs. Stacey Love visits the fifth grade classrooms once a week to teach engaging etiquette classes. The kids enjoy the class – it’s meant to reiterate the value of manners which support the Leader in Me 7 Habits!

Mrs. Maddock writes, “They are having a great time!! Plus, we challenge them to utilize these manners all of the time! Holding doors for others, sitting up in our seats, appropriate conversations during lunch, as well as voice levels, showing off we are ladies and gentlemen. This is all aligned with Mr. Cooper’s vision, as well as 7 Habits…Thanks, [Ms. Stacey] for going the extra mile to work with our 5th graders!”

These ladies and gentleman were such fun! Watch out families… your student will be “setting” your table and making you cut your McDonald’s french fries using the Continental method!” says Ms. Stacey.

Another Amazing Winter Concert with 4th-8th Grade Students

The 4th through 8th grade Winter Concert was amazing!

First to sing was the after-school choir group the “Singers” – students in 4th and 5th grade. They sang “The Shepherds Saw a Star” and “The Spirit of the Season”. Music teacher Mrs. Bell and middle school teacher Mrs. Barney are the “Singers” directors.

The fourth grade classes took to the stage next to sing “Twas in the Moon of Wintertime”, “Jammin’ Bells” and “Silent Night” with a solo performed by Gabriel Heller. 

Fifth grade students had a great time singing “Hanukkah, O Hanukkah”, “Rockin’ Robin” and “Last Christmas”. 

Next to perform was the middle school choir. They performed “Nutcracker Jingles”, “White Christmas” accompanied by Donovin O. and “Patapan Fantasia”. Donovin O. rounded out the middle school choir performance with a piano solo of “Carol of the Bells”. 

Some teachers had a fun – and comedic – staff performance next.

The middle school orchestra proudly came on stage afterward. The orchestra performed “Two by Two”, “Silent Night”, “Jupiter”, “Chimes” and Selections from “Apollo Suite”.

Ending the musical evening was the middle school band. The band performed “La Bamba”, “Macarena”, “Jingle Bells on the Housetop” and “Ancient Echoes”.

Music teacher Mrs. Bell teaches fourth grade music (as well as kindergarten through third grade), and she also directs the middle school choir and after-school choir “Singers” along with Mrs. Barney.

Music teacher Mr. Rice teachers fifth grade music, and he also directs the middle school orchestra and band.

Congratulations to all of our students for their wonderful performances!



Creative Fun with Oil Pastels

Preschool and prekindergarten students are learning about oil pastels in Art!
Ms. S, preschool and prekindergarten art teacher, worked with the young students on blending colors, smudging or erasing and etching techniques. Ms. S says the kids even helped save trees by reusing a paper that they painted on with water colors from last week.
To conclude, the kids shared about the stories that their new pictures showed. 
“Great work on using your imaginations to create your stories this week!” says Ms. S.
The pictures below are from Ms. Gloria’s prekindergarten class. 

Books…and Snowflakes…in the Library? Check Out These Fun Contests!

Our students really enjoy going to the library with school Librarian Ms. Chris. Aside from the hundreds of books to check out, Ms. Chris has some fun contests going on!

Ms. Chris says she has held monthly contests in the library since the beginning of the school year. The contest information is displayed in the library in a frame near Ms. Chris’s desk. Ms. Chris tells classes about the contest when they come in. Parents and students, on their own, are welcome to stop in at the library to check out the latest contest and take part in it.

Here is the December contest (and below that information are the details and winners of November’s contest).

December Library Contest

Ms. Chris’s library “Let it Snow – Snowflake Contest” is currently underway.

Do you want to participate? Here is how.

Students are asked to bring in a homemade snowflake, made out of whatever materials they have handy. Every student who brings one in will have their name put into a drawing to win a $5 book of their choice from Scholastic! Winners will be announced when we return from Winter Break.

We will decorate the library with the snowflakes, so be sure to stop by and see our students’ beautiful creations!

We have the winners from November’s Library Contest!

This November, the contest was “Guess How Many Books are in our Library”! 

We are happy to announce the winners!  First grade student Andrew H. came in first place with  a guess of 15,789 books. In second place guessing 15,715 books is fourth grade student Gabriel H. Fifth grade student Aiden S. came in third place with 15,111 books. Fifth grade student Josephine J. is the fourth place winner with a guess of 14,696 books.

“They all had incredibly close guesses,” says Ms. Chris.

So do you want to know the actual number of books we have in the library? The actual number is 16,723 books!

 But, according to Ms. Chris, that number is likely to increase soon.

“Of course, this number changes daily with the addition of new books.”

Ms. Chris would like to give a big and special thank you to Josephine, who actually did the math to find out how many books are in the library. Ms. Chris says she counted the average number of books per shelf as well as the number of rows and then multiplied – all without a calculator!

All four Champion guessers were awarded a $5 book of their choice from Scholastic.


A reminder from Ms. Chris:

A reminder to all students and parents: With the rain here and there, please remember to protect your library books in the event of rain. A Ziploc bag or plastic grocery bag can be used to help keep the library books (and any other books) in backpacks safe and dry. Thank you!



It’s a Winter Wonderland of Songs for K-3 Concert

Kindergarten through third grade students put on an amazing and festive Winter Concert this week!

Music teacher Mrs. Bell taught a variety of holiday songs to the young students, complete with movements to help tell the stories of the songs. Many students played instruments as well, and a small handful of kids helped direct their classmates in the song movements.

Up first – the kindergarten to third grade after-school choir, directed by Mrs. Bell and middle school teacher Mrs. Barney.

Next came the kindergarten students with fun songs, including Five Little Snowman which featured students as snowing melting!

First grade’s performance…

Second grade’s performance featured several students playing instruments.

The third grade performance featured many students playing recorders.

Following the students’ performances, some staff members surprised the kids and audience with an a Capella Christmas song.