It’s a Winter Wonderland of Songs for K-3 Concert

Kindergarten through third grade students put on an amazing and festive Winter Concert this week!

Music teacher Mrs. Bell taught a variety of holiday songs to the young students, complete with movements to help tell the stories of the songs. Many students played instruments as well, and a small handful of kids helped direct their classmates in the song movements.

Up first – the kindergarten to third grade after-school choir, directed by Mrs. Bell and middle school teacher Mrs. Barney.

Next came the kindergarten students with fun songs, including Five Little Snowman which featured students as snowing melting!

First grade’s performance…

Second grade’s performance featured several students playing instruments.

The third grade performance featured many students playing recorders.

Following the students’ performances, some staff members surprised the kids and audience with an a Capella Christmas song.



“Santa Night” Came to TCDS!

Santa made an early stop in Tucson – making a fun appearance at our school during an evening event – and oh my, kids were sure excited!

The Early Education program worked with parent volunteers to sponsor a “Santa’s Night Out” last Friday. 43 preschool and prekindergarten students, along with some older siblings, were entertained in the MPR while their parents enjoyed a three-hour night out! The kids ate a pizza dinner that was graciously donated by Tony Terry, owner of Gaslight Theatre, Grandma Tony’s and Little Anthony’s Diner. They also created Christmas crafts, watched “The Polar Express” and had a great visit with Santa! 

This was one amazing Santa!

Looking very much like, well how Santa should look…this Santa talked with each of the children; talked about his little treasure chest which holds magic dust that helps the reindeer fly and perhaps is what helps him to fit into chimneys; and Santa told the kids that he and Mrs. Claus replace the bells on the reindeer straps , and this year they decided to share the magic bells with the boys and girls. Santa also has a special app on his phone in which kids can put their finger up to, and the app confirms whether the boys and girls are on the naughty or nice list! Before Santa left for the evening, he threw some of “Rudolph’s red nose magic” for the kids.

A special thank you to Iris K., parent of a preschooler and PTSA member, for bringing this idea to fruition – it was amazing! Thank you as well to our Santa Night Out parent volunteers – once again…Iris K., Heather B., Mona A., and Athena W….and a thank you to our staff and teacher volunteers:  Ms. Wanda, Ms. Martha and Ms. Erika.

Santa Night Out raised $530 for the Early Education program! Thank you to all parents who brought your kiddos out to Santa Night Out!

By the looks at these pictures, everyone had a very fun night! 

It looks like Santa left Ms. Wanda a special gift!

Once again, a very special thank you to Santa for his visit and to Mr. Tony Terry for his pizza donations!

15th Century Explorers Take the Stage in Fifth Grade

Students traveled back in time with an amazing Wax Museum – that came to life – in Mrs. Maddock’s fifth grade classroom!

The students researched 15th Century explorers and shared their “personal journals at sea” to relay facts that they learned. The kids in costume brought the explorers to life during a “come-to-life Wax Museum”, allowing others to get a glimpse into the life of an explorer at sea.

It’s a Big Hit for Drama Club’s Performance of “Giants in the Sky”!

Our 4th-8th grade Drama Club put on an excellent, energetic and entertaining musical rendition of “Giants in the Sky”this weekend!

The play featured giants who lived, well, in the sky. Some of the giants wanted to visit the humans on the ground of Earth…so they took a little adventure. They learned some lessons and needed some guidance from their teachers (called “elders” in the musical), and the head “elder” even learned a lesson as well. It was a cute and fun musical filled with entertaining songs and dances that some of our students choreographed. The actors and actresses did a marvelous job. 

We are proud of you, Drama Club students! A big thank you to the Drama Club directors – Music teacher Mrs. Bell and middle school Spanish teacher Senora McDonald.  

“Wonder” Leaves Students with Greater Awareness of Acceptance and Courageous Actions

Fifth grade students are learning all about courageous actions by studying the book and movie Wonder

Students read the book first, and then recently took a field trip to Park Place Mall to watch the movie of Wonder

The kids compared and contrasted the novel to the movie. Students found many differences between the two, but overall they agreed on the same theme. That theme – it was all about courageous actions!