Students and Staff Write Letters and Go Green in Support of Hannah

Hannah is a seventh grade student at our school who has stage 4 lymphoma and is currently in Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Students and staff want to show her we support her – and miss her here at school. On the day before Spring Break, our school had a “green out” day for Hannah.


We also recently wrote letters to and drew pictures for Hannah. Her younger brother Ryder helped get them to Phoenix for Hannah.





The recent TCDS Team Hannah Raffle Fundraiser raised $10,000 for Hannah and her family! Thank you to all who donated items, as well as all who purchased raffle tickets! A list of raffle winners can be found at:

Hannah’s family has a GoFundMe account. If you would like to donate to it, it can be found here:

Thank you again to each of you for the wonderful outpouring of support for Hannah and her family!

STEAM Night Packed with Adventurous Educational Fun and Science Fair Projects

Our recent STEAM Night proved to be packed with was a lot of fun educational topics with students and families coming out to view and hear presentations from students in regards to their Science Fair Projects – as well as learn about and participate in many projects involving science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Science Fair projects filled the MPR during STEAM Night. Some students presented their projects to those in attendance. Several projects were also selected to move on to the SARSEF Science Fair. Here is a sampling of the projects.












Among the science projects was also several second grade projects. In these pictures, the first group worked on a project involving what melts ice cubes; the second group discovered which beverages stain teeth the darkest; and the third group (holding green pieces of paper) conducted experiments to see what cleans pennies the best.

STEAM Night art projects involved using a paint spinner with marbles, magnets, recycled bottles and puffy paint to create beautiful spin art. Take a look at these fun adventures in art…
Middle school students created their own math board games as an assignment; the students took turning testing their games, and then attendees of STEAM Night got to try them out.
Families checked out stars through some amazing telescopes that astronomers brought in for the evening.
Kids built mini cities and worked on neat educational games…
What a fun night! Thank you to all involved with putting STEAM night together.

WIGS and Weather Tools

Growing our WIGS!

Last month, Ms. Adrienne’s second grade Coyotes participated in a grade-wide WIG, recording their at-home reading minutes. Reporting in as a class, the Coyotes read 7,674 minutes! The class earned an extra recess for their hard work and were very proud of themselves.

Currently, the Coyotes are working on WIGs that they created for themselves. The class decided to continue their in-class reading WIG and create a new one recording their behavior in Specials classes.

When Ms. Adrienne offered to help students track any goals they set for themselves, many students brought in a variety of WIGs, which is hanging up on the Coyote WIGs Board – you can check them out below.

Way to be proactive Coyotes! Goal-setting is a skill that will help to always be leaders!


Weather Tools

Second grade students are learning about weather! They have studied meteorologists and the tools they use to measure and predict weather. Students have discussed weather balloons, weather satellites, thermometers, barometers, rain gauges, wind vanes and anemometers.
Now, they are putting what they learned into practice and creating two of those tools – an anemometer and a barometer.
An anemometer measures the speed of the wind. Students worked in groups of four to use tacks, paper plates, straws, cups, pencils, tape and their understanding of the tool to construct anemometers. Afterward, they tested them out when they took the anemometers outside to see if they would spin. The kids are excited for a really windy day on which to test them out again!
A barometer measures air pressure. Students used a jar, a straw, food coloring, chewing gum, tape and sharpies to create a barometer that will be used to measure air pressure. On a low pressure day, the water will rise!

Hands-On Learning with Clay

Preschool and prekindergarten are having a great time getting their hands messy while playing with clay!
Preschool and prekindergarten Art teacher Ms. S planned a unit with clay – practicing techniques such as cutting, molding, using a rolling pin and of course, using imagination.
Preschool and prekindergarten students will continue clay techniques for the next couple of weeks.
“Ask your child about what we are learning in art this week,” Ms. S encourages parents to ask.
Below are pictures of Ms. Martha’s prekindergarten class working with clay.