Our Champions are Back at School!

Our Champions are back at school – and what a better way to kick off the 50th school year than with a red-carpet welcome!
Richard Cooper – founder, CEO and owner of Tucson Country Day School – joined students, families and staff to kick off the school’s 50th year with a red-carpet welcome this Monday.  
We rollled out a real red carpet walkway from the parking lot sidewalk, through the school’s gate and into the campus. Our preschool through eighth grade students became the stars “walking the red carpet” as they came to school. Teachers and staff lined the sides of the carpet – cheering, clapping and giving high-fives to students.
TCDS’s red carpet welcome serves to encourage our students and remind them that teachers and staff will support them from day one of the school year. This event also helps build school unity.
Mr. Cooper purchased the land – which was formerly “The Deer Ranch” – for the campus in 1968. Just one month after the purchase, he opened the school as a preschool and prekindergarten to the Tucson community. Cooper added additional grade levels to the school as it grew. What began in 1968 with 30 students and five staff members has greatly expanded into a school with more than 800 students and 106 staff members!
Additional events to celebrate the school’s 50th year, also involving alumni and past staff, will take place throughout the school year.

Middle school students lined up for flag in the morning. Younger students reconnected with friends on the playground before flag.


PTSA held a “Yahoo-Boohoo Breakfast” for kindergarten parents. Principal Mr. Hannah and Assistant Principal Mr. Krauss joined the breakfast to chat with parents.



Staff worked with each other – preparing schedules, getting lunch ready and cleaning.

Mr. Krauss and Mr. Hannah read to the students and answered some questions.


What an amazing treat Special teachers had for all of our students. Every student in preschool through eighth grade were asked to decorate a piece of paper shaped like a feather. Once turned back into the Specials team, the team got to work assembling this beautiful, collaborative masterpiece. It will be a great photo op for our students!


Teachers are Already Back to School!

While students were relaxing during the last week of summer vacation, TCDS teachers and staff were hustling and bustling around campus already!

We’ve been busy learning about many different things from the grading system to The Leader in Me. Teachers have also been meeting with their grade level teams to plan Champion days – the first two days of school – as well as creating lesson plans.

We are excited to see our students on Monday morning – the kickoff of the school’s 50th year!

Here is a look at your teachers and staff synergizing while engaged in learning this past week.



The TCDS Coordinators

We caught a picture of a beautiful rainbow during a cloudy day on campus.

We took a short break from professional development to “ham it up” for the camera. Yes, we teachers and staff can be a bit silly sometimes! Thank you to Snaptive for taking the following pictures.



Some construction took place during the summer. Carpets were ripped out and replaced with tile and throw rugs in a couple of second and third grade classrooms.

Please Welcome TCDS’s New Principal and Assistant Principal

Please help us welcome Mr. Adrian Hannah, our new principal (right) and Mr. Jordan Krause, our assistant principal (left), to our Tucson Country Day School community!


Getting to know Mr. Hannah – TCDS Principal

As the new principal of Tucson Country Day School, it is Mr. Adrian Hannah’s privilege to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year.  Mr. Hannah is very excited to have the opportunity to work alongside this dedicated staff and to partner with you as we continue to create and offer exceptional educational opportunities for your children.  

Mr. Hannah decided early on that he wanted to pursue education as a career choice and received a BA in Education and then a Master of Education in Administration. He has now been in the educational profession for 30+ years and spent his earlier teaching career primarily in upper elementary and middle school grades in both Washington State and Texas. Mr. Hannah then moved on to being an assistant principal at a middle school in Washington State for five years. He relocated to Tucson and served as an assistant principal at Amphitheater High School and, after one year, became the principal of a local K-8 school where he served for the past 16 years.  Mr. Hannah is married, the father of four and the grandfather of seven – all of whom have enriched his life greatly.

Mr. Hannah’s belief is that all of his previous experiences – both professional and personal – will contribute to his role as the principal of Tucson Country Day School. Mr. Hannah looks forward to meeting each of you and to developing long-term relationships as we partner together to make this school the jewel of Tucson.


 Getting to know Mr. Krause – TCDS Assistant Principal

It is an incredible honor for Mr. Jordan Krause to serve the Tucson Country Day School learning community alongside its established administrative team. Together, they will facilitate academic and social excellence in every student who calls TCDS home!

Born and raised in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Mr. Krause received his Bachelor and Master degrees in education from the University of Minnesota. For the past ten years, he has resided in Tucson, serving students in a charter school setting as both a classroom teacher and principal. Through this experience, Mr. Krause has developed a deeply-rooted belief that, when provided the right conditions, all children can achieve success in all areas of their development.

Mr. Krause leads a simple life alongside his beautiful wife and daughter, seeking to enjoy the little things that each day brings. Mr. Krause is an avid Green Bay Packers fan and enjoys competition in all forms.

Researching Biomes Leads to Third Grade “Biome-in-a-Bag” Project

Before school let out for the summer, third grade students investigated a variety of biomes.

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines biome as “a major ecological community type (such as tropical rain forest, grassland, or desert)”.

As an introduction to biomes, and a review of habitats, the students saw the movie “Born in China” at the theater in Park Place Mall.

“Our students studied where each biome was located and both the plants and animals that lived in each. When we were familiar with each biome, our classes created a Biome-in-a-Bag using their favorite biome,” says third grade teacher Mrs. Ahrendt.

Students included plants and animals and decorated the bag like their biome.

Some students engaged in a biome scavenger hunt. Since we live in the desert, students hunted for plants and animals that, of course, live in the desert. With thanks from the Garden Club, the kids found succulents; they also found lizards, many birds, a coyote (thankfully, it was on the mural!), and even saw a hawk soaring overhead!

Students then compared our desert plants and animals with those found in other biomes such as the ocean, Arctic, rainforest and grasslands.

Way to go, students and teachers!