AMAZING ARTWORK IN PROGRESS: Butterfly Bottle Cap Mural!

Talk about an amazing piece of artwork!! 

You may remember Art teacher Mrs. Phelps requesting all sizes and colors of bottle caps this year!

Well, it’s still in progress – but let’s take a peak at the BIG art project middle school students who are in art, the Leadership class and some fifth grade students have been working hard on.

To Start…

Mrs. Phelps and art students began with a four-foot by eight-foot piece of wood.

A design was chosen, and the team got to work. The team knew they wanted to make a mural with “50” on it since this year marks the 50th anniversary of Tucson Country Day School!  


Check out all the colorful bottle caps!


The Mural is Growing…

It’s coming along…and turning into a butterfly!

Now that the butterfly (Can you spot “50” in its wings?) is complete, these budding artists are working on the rest of the mural. 


Pretty amazing! This sure shows how teamwork can go a long way – and make beautiful masterpieces!

Kindergarten Jungle Cats: Adventures with Rocks, Hearts and Addition

Rock Discoveries

Kindergarten students have been learning about the different types of rocks. 

Ms. Sarah’s Jungle Cats joined with their middle school House to collect, investigate and record data on the rocks they chose. 

The kids have been learning about U.S. Presidents and Mount Rushmore. Ms. Sarah connected those lessons to the kids’ rock explorations. They used magnifying glasses and eye droppers as they went outside to explore the differences in rocks.



Addition with Heart Candies

The Jungle Cats celebrated Valentine’s Day with some lovely math!

The kindergarten kids worked on addition problems by using heart-shaped candies as manipulatives. Ms. Sarah says the kids are loving addition!


Leadership Class: Role Models and Student Aides for Younger Kids

You’ll likely see some student-led aiding taking place on campus lately!

Seventh and eighth grade students in the Leadership elective class are enjoying being student aides in elementary classrooms two times a week.

The older students work with younger kids to build their reading skills and act as a great role model. The Leadership students also help teachers organize activities and help in the classroom.

Mrs. Phelps, who teaches the Leadership class, says, “The leadership students work hard too on developing relationships with the younger students while helping with academics. This makes them Champions!”

Way to take charge and demonstrate Champion and Leadership skills! We are proud of you, students!



Former “Ducklings” Teach Sign Language to Current “Ducklings”

Two former Ducklings visited their old second grade classroom to teach Mrs. Rodriguez and her current Duckling students some sign language.

The two seventh grade students, Kayla and Shelby, are learning the language in Mr. Hubble’s American Sign Language class. 

The older students taught the younger kids the signs for some numbers, colors, animals and the ABC’s. In addition, Kayla and Shelby signed the National Anthem for the second graders!

Mrs. Rodriguez and her class were very impressed with the girls’ sign language skills and all that they taught them during their visit! Thank you, Kayla and Shelby!