Researching Biomes Leads to Third Grade “Biome-in-a-Bag” Project

Before school let out for the summer, third grade students investigated a variety of biomes.

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines biome as “a major ecological community type (such as tropical rain forest, grassland, or desert)”.

As an introduction to biomes, and a review of habitats, the students saw the movie “Born in China” at the theater in Park Place Mall.

“Our students studied where each biome was located and both the plants and animals that lived in each. When we were familiar with each biome, our classes created a Biome-in-a-Bag using their favorite biome,” says third grade teacher Mrs. Ahrendt.

Students included plants and animals and decorated the bag like their biome.

Some students engaged in a biome scavenger hunt. Since we live in the desert, students hunted for plants and animals that, of course, live in the desert. With thanks from the Garden Club, the kids found succulents; they also found lizards, many birds, a coyote (thankfully, it was on the mural!), and even saw a hawk soaring overhead!

Students then compared our desert plants and animals with those found in other biomes such as the ocean, Arctic, rainforest and grasslands.

Way to go, students and teachers!


It’s a Trip Down Memory Lane for These 8th Graders!

Eight eighth graders took a trip down memory lane the day before their graduation!

Jenna, Gavin, Mayson, Megan, Maren, Brianna, Christian and Spencer all had Mrs. Rodriguez for their second grade teacher, so they spent about an hour in her room Wednesday morning discussing memories, looking through some of their actual work from second grade and hanging out with all the ducklings in the classroom.

Mrs. Rodriguez’s class is the Ducklings class, and her now eighth grade students had a great time reminiscing with stuffed duckling Pearl and all the other ducklings.

What great memories and a fun way to finish eighth grade, Mrs. Rodriguez and eighth-graders!

Research Projects and Reading WIGs

Creative Minds

Ms. Adrienne’s second grade Coyotes have been working in small groups to research famous people during their listening groups.

So, how will the students demonstrate what they know about these famous people? Here’s a look…

The Amelia Earhart group is making a poster and a play. One of the characters is Earhart’s airplane! Quite clever!Here








The John F. Kennedy group created a song to perform.

It is a reenactment of his painting process for the Pablo Picasso group.

The Steve Jobs group created props for their presentation!

A Frank Lloyd Wright Group created a poster and brought in supplies to build a farm – just like architects did themselves!

The Charles Darwin group is making a play about Darwin setting sail on the Beagle and meeting a bug!

The remaining groups will select what products to present when they are finished reading their books.

Keep up the good work, Coyotes!


Class Reading WIG

As a class, Ms. Adrienne’s students created an in-class reading WIG at the beginning of February. The goal was for at least one student to move up three reading levels by the end of the year.

The students were – and continue to be – very supportive of one another as they move up in their reading levels and encourage each other when they feel challenged.

Recently, student Landon reached the class’s goal! He is the first, but likely not to be the only Coyote, to move up three levels since starting the WIG.

As exciting as this was, the students didn’t want their WIG to be over – and revised their WIG to keep it up and continue to track everyone’s progress.

Way to go, Coyotes!

Reading Buddies Can Make For Lasting Friendships

Ms. Nicole’s prekindergarten Dragonflies have teamed with Ms. Laurie’s second grade Owls this year as reading Buddies – and the groups gathered recently for one more reading session before summer.

The kids read to each other and talked about their favorite parts of having a reading buddy.

The two classes met every Wednesday afternoon during the school year. In addition to reading many fun books, they worked on several projects together and had a lot of fun!

Way to synergize, kids! Keep up the great reading over the summer!