Mixing Colors, Emerged in Daily 5, Making Books and Fun Play with our Early Education Students!

School is fun – and our Early Education students (preschool, prekindergarten and kindergarten) show us just that in the following pictures as they’re fully engaged in their learning!

In preschool and prekindergarten, our young students are using their five senses as they explore color mixing with primary colors, water colors and cornstarch.

Early Education Art Teacher Ms. S talks to some young students during the art lesson. 


Kindergarten gets to create at with Ms. S as well. Kindergarten art is about the process!

Ms. Sarah’s kindergarten Junglecats class is fully engaged in their Daily 5 lessons.

In Ms. Wendy’s kindergarten class, the Cheetahs are creating their favorite books.

It’s time for outdoor play with the Hummingbirds preschool class!