Middle School

Middle School

The Middle School includes our sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.  Class sizes are limited to no more than 26 students per class, and we have three classes at each grade level.

Middle School students wear uniforms, too – navy bottom pants and light blue shirts for sixth graders and forest green shirts for seventh graders. Eighth graders are recognized as the leaders of the school, and their uniforms reflect their leadership.  Eighth grade students wear khaki bottoms and navy blue shirts.

8th grade class at Tucson Country Day School

Middle School students attend six classes per day – each class is taught by a different teacher.  Sixth and seventh grade students travel with the same group of students throughout the day; eighth grade students follow a typical high school rotation where both students and teachers change for each subject.

Middle School students have four core classes: Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Science, and Social Studies.  Math for Middle School includes Pre-Algebra and Algebra for those students who are ready for more advanced math.  Middle School students take physical education and Spanish two or three days per week, and they attend a special or elective class for one period.  Sixth grade specials include Technology, Music and Art.  Seventh grade specials can include Drawing, Drama, Intermediate Technology and Intermediate Art.  Eighth grade students choose their electives which can include Advanced Art and Multi Media.

Middle School teachers provide instruction in a focused and in-depth manner that requires them to be innovative and creative. Students participate in their instruction through individual work, groups, pairs, and hands-on activities. Teachers work as a team and collaborate with each other to incorporate areas of study into more than one class.

TCDS Middle School students creating a mummy for social studies