Meet the TCDS “Green Team” Recycling Crew

Meet the TCDS “Green Team”!

These students are in charge – with Mr. Adam as their guide – of the school’s newly revamped recycling efforts.

While they are clearly encouraging our school to recycle, they want to do it to help the environment and not just to be recognized for doing good. That said, Mr. Adam and his recycling crew had some fun creating “secret identities” for themselves. In  the following pictures, our recycling team gave themselves nicknames and “covered” up their faces slightly – you may not be able to guess who they are!

Of the recycling team, Mr. Adam writes, “Our true identities may never be known. We don’t do it for the fame and fortune, but for the greater good and a couple of snacks! With our forces combined, we manage to collect recycling for the entire school Friday afternoons during our Crew meetings. POW! BAM! WHACK!……that’s the sound of our team becoming CHAMPIONS in battle over garbage!” 🙂

If you see the Green Team around school on one of their recycling bouts, a high-five or word of appreciation for their environmental efforts are always appreciated.

Thank you Mr. Adam and the Green Team for all of your work helping our school to recycle and make our environment much cleaner.