McTeacher Night a Huge Success!

Our recent McTeacher Night was a huge success, with many staff members “working” at McDonalds during dinner while students and their families enjoyed great company and tasty meals.

The night had a great turnout, and just over $800 was brought in from sales.

SPA President Heather Oathout shared her pictures from the always fun McTeacher Night.

Ms. Nicky hams it up for the camera while working behind the counter at McDonalds during McTeacher Night.


Mr. Hall helps a McDonalds employee take an order. In the background, Ms. Shannon helps take orders while Mrs. Rodriguez waits to help make ice cream.


The McDonalds employees, Ms. Nicky, and all TCDS staff who came out to help take orders, make and serve meals during McTeacher Night had a great time.


Ms. Arriaga gets some help from student Rylee at the raffle table.