Marine Discovery Lab Gives Sixth Graders a “Fishy” Hands-On Experience

Sixth grade students took a trip to the Flandrau Science Center to visit the Marine Discovery Lab for a hands-on experience as they learned about marine life.

Among the activities the students participated in:

*They saw a shark’s internal organs and body structure to learn more about sharks.

* Students explored various marine animals that have been preserved for a “fishy” hands-on experience.

* At another station at the Marine Discovery Lab, students held urchins and snails.

* Kids explored plankton and created a model of a plankton with the end result being that the plankton must sit in the middle of the water and not float or sink.

* For quite the in-depth adventure, the kids got to dissect squid – exploring the different parts, determining gender and finding the ink sack.

Middle school teachers Ms. Barney and Mrs. Maxwell took the students on this educational field trip.

“I have been lucky enough to attend this field trip with sixth grade for several years, and it is always an awesome experience.  Seeing the looks of awe and wonder on their faces makes it all worthwhile.  Mrs. Maxwell does a great job finding these fantastic experiences for our students,” said Ms. Barney.

It looks like the students had a great time learning!