Lunchtime Visit – with a Tarantula!

Kindergarten students sure made a great discovery recently when they were eating lunch at the picnic tables.

Looking on the ground, the students saw a big spider – which turned out to be a tarantula. Two of the students told Ms. Laurie about the large spider under the table.

Ms. Laurie says she thought it was going to be a spider hanging in cobwebs under the table. But once Ms. Laurie arrived, Ms. Wendy informed her that it was actually a tarantula!

The children were amazed and excited to look at the tarantula. After the students got to check it out – with only their eyes, of course – Ms. Wendy tried to move the giant spider with a piece of paper and a roll of paper towels. It was hesitant to move, but once it started moving, there was no stopping the tarantula.


IMG952015081095185717The tarantula continued to crawl – and crawl some more. It crawled onto the paper and kept going until it landed on a bench where many kids were sitting. Screams and kids running quickly followed once students realized the tarantula was sitting on the bench with them. Not to worry, the tarantula did not crawl closer to the students. Ms. Wendy attempted again to move the tarantula. She succeeded and carried the tarantula far away, placing it over the fence by the lower field.Wow, that’s a lot of excitement during lunch, kindergarten students!