Little Learners in the Coyote Class!

A lot has been going on campus-wide – so much learning and growing! One of our second grade teachers, Ms. Adrienne, took some time to tell us about some exciting lessons taking place in her classroom with her students, the Coyotes.

“Pre-Write” Practice

This quarter, Ms. Adrienne’s students have moved away from Narrative Writing and are now working on Informational Writing. Students are practicing becoming “Text-Talkers” – which means citing their sources and explaining where they got their facts.

Students were asked to write an eight-sentence or more paragraph about the Fall Festival. Not every student attended the Fall Festival, so seven students became “experts” on the topic and were interviewed to find the facts.

First, students created a list of events from the Fall Festival, asking experts and using A Fall Festival flier to help them. Then, students created lists of what they could hear and see at the Fall Festival. Finally, the students were challenged to write down “who”, “what”, “where”, “when” and even “why” in regards to the Fall Festival.


The class discussed the questions: “Do other schools have Fall Festivals? Have we ever been to other Fall Festivals?” – and then read an article about Fall Festivals in general.

Using observations, interviews, facts found on the flier, and facts read in the article, students began their rough drafts. The entire process was recorded in their journals as their Pre-Write. Students are challenged to write eight sentences and include five adjectives in their writing.

Ms. Adrienne asks students to follow the guidelines



Informational Paragraph Structure:
1. Opening
2. Fact
3. Supporting Detail
4. Fact
5. Supporting Detail
6. Fact
7. Supporting Detail
8. Closing


Student Listening Groups

The Coyotes have been working in Listening Groups. In the groups, students read books from the Magic Tree House series.

The students work at their own pace, graduating from one book in the series to the next as they complete each book.

The students follow Daily 5 protocol, carrying out “I read, you read” – which means reading one page then passing the book to the next person, and coaching one another when they are stuck.

Ms. Adrienne says, “The Coyotes have been doing a wonderful job synergizing in these groups! Dr. Anders even visited our class during Listening Groups and joined in the fun! She was very impressed.”