Let’s Synergize to Make Clay Artwork!

Let’s synergize to make art out of clay!
That’s what is happening in preschool and prekindergarten with Art teacher Ms. S.
For the kids’ first lesson with clay, students worked together to use their hands, feet, fingers and toes to make a clay cube as flat as a pancake.
These students in the following pictures are from Ms. Paige’s preschool class.
For the students’ second class with clay, the kids used pieces of clay to work together to build and create one piece of artwork.
The students in the following pictures are from Ms. Amber’s prekindergarten class.
“They all were so proud of their creation. Many students used their imaginations and said their art looked like a slide. Some students said it looked like an elephant. I can’t wait to see more clay creations!” says Ms. S.