Let’s Compare and Contrast: The First Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving Today

Second grade students in Mrs. Rodriguez’s class had a great time learning about the first Thanksgiving with a creative compare and contrast project!

The students learned about the first Thanksgiving and wrote a paper about it. Next, they wrote about how they celebrate Thanksgiving today. Their final paper on Thanksgiving was to compare and contrast both Thanksgivings.

Then, the kids spent some time in school during the two weeks before Thanksgiving to work on great projects to visually show the Thanksgiving celebrations. Students were asked to show anything that they learned during the Thanksgiving informational and writing lesson. Some students made products on both Thanksgivings, and some focused just on the first Thanksgiving or how they celebrate Thanksgiving today. Students brought items in from home, and Mrs. Rodriguez supplied items such as clay for kids choosing to use those items.

Excellent job, second grade children!